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PRESSMECH A3+ Pneumatic Heat Press

PRESSMECH A3+ Pneumatic Heat Press

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Due to its swing-away top press, free-arm & fully interchangeable lower platen with wide adjustment range, the Pressmech A3+ press excels at handling extremely thick items such as plaques, tiles & boxes, whilst retaining the delicacy and control needed for printing on to the most delicate of fabrics. This is undoubtedly the ESSENTIAL heat-press for anyone serious about garment decoration and heat pressing.

ow with a fully interchangeable lower platen (the only system of its kind in the world) to make it even easier to print on to pockets, sleeves, bags, umbrellas and a whole host of other irregular shapes that had previously been almost impossible to print on to without wasting considerable time and effort.

This machine is pneumatically operated and will require a compressor (Sold Separately).

* 50x41cm Platen Size

* Automatic Pressing

* Manufactured in the UK

* 5 Year Element Warranty

* Interchangeable Platens

Voltage - 110v / 1800w
                220v / 2200w
Range - 0-350c - Thermostatically Controlled
Platen Size -
50x41cm Fully Interchangeable
Pressing Height -
Impression Time -
1-999 Seconds
Weight -
35kg - 55kg (ex works)
Heater -
Heavy Duty Speedy-Heat System

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