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PRESSMECH A3+ Twin Heat Press

PRESSMECH A3+ Twin Heat Press

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The A3 Double Head press, This press is designed to give you a 2x work speed increase with only one operator due to the dual platen system. The more compact system of the A3 Double Head press allows you to have this speed without taking up unnecessary room, this is because the platens are situated on a 90 degree angle. This press allows you to produce over 500 products per hour.

Our innovative semi-automatic A3 Double heat press is now available in an innovative double platen system; Whilst you're pressing on one platen you can be prepping the next job on the other platen dramatically improving your speed and productivity. The pneumatic control systems mean the whole system is quick and easy to operate with no risk of over pressing or burn; The perfect heat press.

This Free-Arm, fully swing-away press boasts all of the digital features of the state of the art control system including digital temperature & fully adjustable times as well as user set pressure and height to enable use on the widest range of products and garments. Constructed in heavy-duty welded steel throughout the entire chassis of the machine; making this a durable machine that will stand the test of time through all the rigors of the serious production environment but at the same time has the flexibility needed for the short run & one off industry. You simply won't find a better, more reliable and flexible heat press anywhere in the world.

This machine is pneumatically operated and will require a compressor (Sold Separately).

* 50x41cm Dual Platen Sizes

* Automatic Pressing

* Manufactured in the UK

* 5 Year Element Warranty

* Interchangeable Platens


Voltage - 110v / 1800w
                220v / 2200w
Range - 0-350c - Thermostatically Controlled
Platen Size -
50x41cm Fully Interchangeable
Pressing Height -
Impression Time -
1-999 Seconds
Weight -
35kg - 55kg (ex works)
Heater -
Heavy Duty Speedy-Heat System

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